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  Guitars/Bass > Bass Guitars > 4 String Bass > M.V. Pedulla Guitars, contact us for current availability

M.V. Pedulla Guitars, contact us for current availability

Model Number: M.V. Pedulla Guitars
Please Contact Us For Price

All Pedulla instruments are proudly handcrafted in the U.S.A. using the finest woods, electronics, hardware, and building techniques.  We do not offer (nor have we ever offered) any “import” models. Each and every Pedulla bass is made here in our shop in Massachusetts by me, Michael Pedulla.

Unlike many other bass companies, we are in the business of making “instruments”, with the belief that an instrument is a tool which allows the artist to express their soul, their character, as their art, without limitation.  If the instrument is rewarding and encouraging, it leads us to want more, learn more, express more, and play better.

We do not believe that these qualities are found in mass production. Creative designs, solid tools, skilled hands,  passion for what you do, and a big helping of whatever it is that makes us individuals, is what makes great instruments. It is the very same qualities that make great musicians.
  Designing and building instruments has always been my passion. After 37 years of experience I can honestly say that the basses are, without question, the best ever.

My years of experience help, however, it takes more than that. Without evolution and growth there is no point to life, no value in who we are, or in any thing we do. Achievement lasts only seconds before it becomes the past. It’s what we do in the present that counts, in any art, form or function, and life itself. One can never rest on past achievement.  Each and every new bass is made to these standards, start to finish. I never settle, regardless of levels of proficiency achieved. I can always do better, and I strive to do better with every bass.

 The hands now know inherently what to do. Neck shapes are not measured, the hands remember, they are measured to feel.  Sculpting, fretting, sanding, finishing… all exacting and unforgiving. Yet once the techniques are ingrained, one goes above the science and technique, and enters the art.  Like musicians, you work very consciously on techniques and develop tools and strong foundations. At some point, somewhere down the road, those tools and techniques become so refined that you no longer actively think about them. That’s when the magic happens. At this level of performance, you are able to get the inside out, imparting soul and character in your craft. There are those people that have great technique, yet lack the art, the magic. Magic hits you square between the eyes, you can’t define it, but you know it when you see or hear it.  It comes from deep within and it's always unique. It lives in the instrument and becomes totally yours... the feel, the sound, and the soul. This is the essence of a true instrument.

Through all the turmoil and pleasures, twists and turns life has brought me, the one constant for the throughout the years has been building, always challenging me, on good days and bad. Life experience, top of the world to bottom of the barrel, absolutely influences your art. Without it, it’s all technique, and no soul. 

Tangible improvements include a new technique for better fingerboards, improvement to the truss rod system, larger and better inventory of wood, additional steps in blending, finish preparation, new finishing techniques that accentuate the wood figure (and also result in a smoother and more lustrous finish), improved electronics, and many other details too numerous to mention.



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