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A Designs 500 HR Rack Frame for A Designs 500 Series

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A Designs 500 HR Rack Frame for A Designs 500 Series

A-Designs 500HR 500 Series Rack

With the proliferation of the 500 series platform, perhaps the best known way to rack mount a couple of individual modules in a single rack space is the A-Designs 500HR - a dual slot 500-series power supply and frame. It has balanced XLR input and output for 2 mono channels, and can supply +48V phantom power. In addition to being the perfect companion for A Designs Audio 500 series modules, the 500HR is compatible with most VPR Alliance modules, and is the most affordable solution for any pair of 500 series processors. The 500HR can be used with all sorts of different modules to give you all sorts of customizable functionality. Loaded with two preamps it becomes a dual-channel mic pre; with two A-Designs EM-PEQs, it’s a dual-channel, Pultec-style equalizer; and with one preamp and one EQ it is a complete pre/post EQ recording channel. Plus, using the preamp and EM-PEQ configuration, you can bypass the preamp on your guitar/bass/keyboard amplifier to give you a totally different amp for live performance. Preamp and compressor, compressor and delay and EQ, two different kinds of EQ, one tube and one solid- state compressor – the possibilities are literally endless!


  • Compatible with all A-Designs 500-series modules.
  • Will accept API 500-Series modules and other VPR compliant modules. Please check with the manufacturer.
  • Four basic modes of operation with various A-Designs modules.
  • Internal regulated power supply with +48V phantom power.
  • Steel chassis construction.
  • 48V LED indicator.
  • Power cord included.
  • 2 x 2 balanced XLR I/O.
  • Power requirements are100/120/230 VAC – 14W.
  • DC power output / channel is 140mA @ 16VDC.
  • Dims: 19” x 1-3/4” x 8-1/4” [1RU].
  • Weight (empty): 6 lb.

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