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Ableton Suite 8.2 Digital Audio Workstation Software Suite

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Suite 8.2
Ableton Suite 8.2 Digital Audio Workstation Software Suite

Ableton Live 8.2 Suite, and you'll soon see how deep it is. You get the breakthrough Ableton Live 8.2 digital audio workstation software, which gives creative musicians and DJs a unique and powerful way of composing, recording, editing, and performing. But, with the Ableton Live 8.2 Suite, you also get a collection of 10 virtual instruments, so you have a complete in-the-box solution for making music. Included are synthesizers, electronic and acoustic drums, mallets, strings sounds, and more. Make the most out of Ableton Live 8.2, with the Ableton Live 8.2 Suite.

When you choose the Ableton Live 8.2 Suite, you're equipping yourself with an army of music-making tools, both for serious studio production and for inspiring stage performances. This huge package comes with the powerful Live 8.2 DAW as well as 10 amazing virtual instruments. You can get creative with everything from lush synthesized pads to thick leads; back up your sounds with acoustic and electronic drum beats; then layer in mallets, strings, and more. Because Ableton Live 8.2 Suite gives you everything you need to make music right in the box, you won't have to go and drop cash on other virtual instrument libraries, until you've thoroughly explored this rich collection. In fact, when you consider the affordable added value of Ableton Live 8.2, you'll have already saved more than $700 as that's what it would cost you to separately purchase each of these Ableton Live 8.2 Suite virtual instrument collections and add them to Ableton Live 8.2.

Ableton packed Ableton Live 8.2 Suite with a world-class library of virtual instruments. Two of their newest masterpiece instruments include Collision and Latin Percussion. Collision is a unique instrument, giving you authentic mallet sounds for creative percussion. It employs physical modeling technology to reproduce real-world instruments, including xylophones, marimbas, and glockenspiels. But the depth in Collision is amazing, you'll have plenty of room to create dramatic new instruments and sounds. Next in the all-new Ableton Live 8.2 Suite lineup is Latin Percussion, a massive collection of acoustic percussion instruments: bongos, claves, timbales, congas, shakers, bells, and tambourines. Plus, not only does Ableton Live 8.2 Suite's Latin Percussion give you these playable Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, and African virtual instruments; it also comes with a bunch of authentic clips and grooves.

Ableton has ramped up their Operator synthesizer for Ableton Live 8.2 Suite, and seriously hot-rodded it for superb performance. There are new filter types, even more modulation routing options, plus additive wavetable synthesis with drawable partials. In short, you'll love tweaking Ableton Live 8.2 Suite's Operator.

Included with the Ableton Live 8.2 Suite is a copy of the Ableton Live DAW. It certainly offers all of the tools you need to make music in a traditional "linear" way, though the gurus at Ableton developed it to allow a uniquely creative approach to song creation. Use Ableton Live 8.2 to piece together song ideas and song structures by dragging around sections and loops in Session View (discussed further below). Or use Live 8.2's Session View to enhance your live performances by assigning out massive MIDI controls. So you can record loops, overdub, perform in a massive synth part, and develop songs, all on the fly. Offering an inspiring workflow for everyone from DJs to solo musicians to top-level groove producers, Ableton Live 8.2 Suite is a complete solution for brainstorming, creating, composing, building, growing, and performing your songs.

Use Ableton Live 8.2 Suite's Session View to develop your songs either in the creative environment of your studio or in front of the audience. In this mode, you can quickly lay out each instrument's changes of a song (from up to down instead of left to right). Each part is essentially a loop, and you can trigger different scenes to play different combinations of each part, trying out new song structures or parts just by dragging and dropping. Ableton Live 8.2 Suite appeals to tons of electronic artists just for this feature. You can record audio into Live 8.2, leave it running as a loop, record audio to another loop, and creatively mash solo parts, or play synth parts over the top of everything. For songwriters, Ableton Live 8.2 Suite's Session View also offers a unique way to restructure songs and try out different verse/chorus/verse/bridge lengths and transitions, without messing up the audio and MIDI you've recorded and sequenced in your "linear" session. And once you've landed on a structure you like, you can easily record it into your Ableton Live 8.2 Suite regular timeline, just by triggering the transitions.

Nearly every control in Ableton Live 8.2 Suite is MIDI-mappable, so you can pair it with any MIDI controller for a serious amount of flexibility. Use your MIDI controller's knobs and sliders to adjust volumes, panning, effects, or to trigger scenes and virtual instruments. By assigning out your custom settings in Ableton Live 8.2 Suite, you can work or perform in any way you want.

Ableton Live 8.2 Suite now includes an intelligent sound-on-sound Looper feature, which you can easily control remotely with a regular footswitch. What makes Live 8.2's Looper so cool is that it will read the tempo from the length of the first loop you record, and it automatically syncs up. This eliminates timing issues, and lets you record without the click. Use Live 8.2's Looper to loop endlessly. Multiple Looper sync lets you run as many Loopers as you want, without synchronization headaches. Plus, you can drag and drop a loop from Live 8.2's Looper right into a clip slot in Session View to make a clip. When you want it back in Looper, all you have to do is drag it back over.

If you're into grooving, Ableton Live 8.2 Suite is even more exciting than the previously groundbreaking versions of Live. In addition to a massive Drum Rack for dragging and dropping samples, slicing them, and laying them out onto your MIDI controller, Live 8.2 now offers an enhanced groove engine. You can influence the timing and velocity/volume of audio and MIDI to give life and swing to straight patterns. Use the Live 8.2 groove engine to extract groove patterns from any audio or MIDI source, and you can build your own library of grooves from your favorite tracks, which you can apply to other tracks later. Ableton Live 8.2 Suite's groove engine also lets you quantize audio and MIDI in real time or randomize it for a more "human" feel.

Ableton Live 8.2 Suite comes to you with tons of effects for developing your sound and producing it until it's ready to be published on your website or on CD. Along with creative choruses, delays, phasers, and other must-have effects, Live 8.2 is now packed with five new powerful effects, developed with a bit of extra "Ableton shine." The included Vocoder lets you get that famous "singing robot" effect and offers a ton of control for sound design. Beyond that, a new Multiband Dynamics effect lets you visualize what's going on with your audio, so you can process it more effectively. Other new effects in Ableton Live 8.2 Suite include a stompbox-modeling Overdrive effect, the brick-wall Limiter, and the sci-fi-sounding Frequency Shifter.

By far one of the greatest leaps in the development of Ableton Live introduced in version 8.2 is the Bridge. The Bridge lets you integrate Live and Serato Scratch Live (requires Scratch Live 2.1.1 or later; support for ITCH is in the works), giving you complete turntable-style control over your multitrack sessions. Using Ableton Live 8.2 with Scratch is easy, you just drag your Live set to one of Scratch's decks, and you're all set. Now you can can mix, nudge, loop, scratch, and otherwise manipulate your Live set, just like any other track in Scratch Live.

When you active the Ableton View in Scratch Live, you gain full access to you clips, loops, scenes, instruments, and devices running in Live. You can also use Ableton Live 8.2 to record mixtapes from Scratch Live. Save your Scratch Live set as an .als, and instead of recording an audio file, you'll produce an Ableton Live file complete with loops, regions, and automation data. Now, when you flub that transition near the end of your set, all you have to do is open the file and tweak it until it's perfect.

Another amazing new feature in Live 8.2 is AMP, Ableton's first ever guitar and bass amplifier emulation effect. It may look humble, but AMP is a powerhouse processor, providing astonishingly realistic amp simulation that produces an enormous range of tone, without being unnecessarily complicated to operate. Choose from seven amazing amplifier models, including voicings perfect for clean chime, bluesy bite, metal mayhem, rock rhythms, beefy bass, and more.

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