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Adam Audio S1X 2-Way Active Nearfield Studio Monitor (Single)

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Adam Audio S1X 2-Way Active Nearfield Studio Monitor (Single)

The S1X provides an accurate reproduction of the acoustic stage for those who strive for a natural sound image. It also plays music with such stunning realism; it can make you forget the loudspeaker. The 200 Watt PWM amplifier for the midrange speakers in conjunction with the 50 Watt A/B tweeter amplifier enable the S1X to produce high volume levels in contrast to the size of the monitor. The S1X becomes the ideal choice when highest quality is needed in small project studios, outside broadcast vans or 5.1 surround installations.



Number: 1
Basket Ø: 6" (156 mm)
Voice coil Ø: 1.5" (37 mm)
Cone material: HexaCone


Number: 1
Type: X-ART
Diaphragm area: 4 inch² (2420 mm²)
Equiv. Diaphragm Ø: 2" (56 mm)
Velocity transform ratio: .16736111111111109939
Diaphragm weight: 0.17 g

Built-in Amplifiers

Mid-Woofer: 1
Type: PWM
Amp. power RMS / music: 200 W / 280 W
Tweeter: 1
Type: A/B
Amp. power RMS / music: 50 W / 100 W

Control panel

Input Sensitivity: ±10 dB
High Shelf EQ > 5 kHz: ±6 dB
Low Shelf EQ < 300 Hz: ±6 dB
Tweeter gain: ±4 dB

Input connectors

Analog: XLR

General data

Panel: Rear
Frequency response: 40 Hz - 50 kHz
THD > 80 Hz: ?1.5 %
Long term output: ?103 dB
Max. peak: ?113 dB
Crossover frequencies: 2200 Hz
Input impedance: 10 KOhm
Weight: 13.2 lb (6 kg)
Magnetically shielded: Optional
Height x Width x Depth: 11.5" (295 mm) x 7" (175 mm) x 10" (260 mm)
Warranty: 5 Years
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