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Adam Sub-F Active Sub Woofer

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Adam Sub-F Active Sub Woofer

All Adam Audio subwoofers are dedicated to Adam Audio’s primary goal: the best possible authentic reproduction of music. For our subwoofers, this means combining power and precision while simultaneously avoiding “impressive” bass volume at the cost of accuracy. Their task is it to complement the highly acclaimed lucidity and transparency of the ADAM monitors in the lower and lowest frequencies.

The SubF is a small yet powerful subwoofer, housing a robust 8“ woofer with an 1.5” voice coil. It is driven by a 150W (rms) ICE Power amp. This amp stays cool while handling maximum power levels, even if they are sustained.

The SubF is an ideal match for both the F5 and the F7 monitors wherever a deeper and more powerful bass response is required. Controls Several controls to adjust the subwoofer are located on the rear panel: a volume knob (-? to +6dB), a control for the crossover frequency, as well as a phase switch.

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