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Professional Stage Clock and Timer

The ART Stompwatch professional stage clock and set timer is the ideal solution for artists needing to accurately adhere to set times and critically manage set flow. Packaged in a rugged all metal housing and using the guitar 'stompbox' form factor, the Stompwatch uses highly visible four digit display easily viewable on virtually any stage. The footswitchable stop / start button triggers set clock for accurate set timing, and toggles between timer mode and standard clock mode, allowing complete show time management from the stage.


  • Highly Visible Four-digit Seven Segment Display
  • Simple Operation for Set Timer or Clock Mode
  • Rugged 'Stombox' Format to Fit in Pedal Boards
  • Footswitchable Stop / Start
  • Toggles Between Set Timer and Clock modes
  • Operates with Internal 9v Battery or Any 9v Standard Center Negative DC Power Supply
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