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Auralex WA2 WavePrism Bamboo Sound Diffusor

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WA2 WavePrism Bamboo
Auralex WA2 WavePrism Bamboo Sound Diffusor

The Auralex WavePrism eliminates flutter echoes and other acoustical anomalies without removing acoustical energy from the space. This design disperses sound evenly to create a more consistent listening or recording environment. The WavePrism is sized to drop into a suspended ceiling grid or they can be installed using the supplied mechanical fasteners.

Auralex presents the Sustain Bamboo Sound Diffusors, a new line of bamboo diffusors designed to accommodate each room’s unique acoustical needs. Improve the overall sound and "liveliness" of your room with the sonic warmth of any of the Sustain Bamboo Sound Diffusors. Acoustic sound diffusion keeps sound waves from grouping by scattering the sound more evenly throughout the room. Make your room sound larger and more live by adding diffusion to your space!

Size: 23.75” x 23.75” x 3

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