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Beyerdyamic TG D71

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Professional Drum Microphone for bass drum

  • Extremely rugged housing in a compact, slim design
  • Optimal for Bass drum, Cajon or piano
  • Half-cardioid polar pattern for maximum gain before feedback
  • Powerful, natural sound
  • Non-slip rubber bottom

Drum microphone

for miking the bass drum

With a high impulse fidelity, quick-responding attack, and a maximum sound pressure level of 148 dB, the TG D71 is ideal for miking percussion instruments. The microphone delivers an equally convincing performance on cajones and pianos.

While the extremely rugged housing ensures optimum protection during use on stage, the compact design allows the microphone to be positioned easily in a bass drum without any additional accessories. The XLR connector has an integrated pre-amp, which is practical both on stage and in the studio.


With a slim and timeless design, it’s both a technical and a visual highlight. A red, illuminating LED status displays the applied phantom power, as well as the operating status of the microphone. The microphone is supplied with a travel bag for protection during transportation. For longer installation on a surface, the microphone has a mounting device on the bottom. 

Powerful and natural sound

Optimised especially for the bass Around, the microphone delivers a natural sound full of pressure.

         Technical Data

Transducer typeCondenser
Polar pattern microphoneCardioid
Microphone frequency response25 - 20.000 Hz
Net weight without packaging0,424
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