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Blue Microphones Baby Bottle SL

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BLU Baby Bottle SL
Large-diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone with Highpass Filter and -20dB Pad

Now with a Highpass Filter and -20dB Pad

The Blue Baby Bottle SL large-diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone imbues richly present midrange, smooth top end, and neutral bottom into whatever you put it in front of. Capture warm vocals, lend presence to electric guitars, and add richness to acoustic guitars. Reproduce every punchy detail of a drum. The Baby Bottle SL also performs admirably on string, brass, and reed instruments. A highpass filter reduces mud and rumble, while a -20dB pad tackles loud sources with ease. An excellent workhorse mic for any studio, the Blue Baby Bottle SL large-diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone furnishes you with classic sound and unbelievable versatility.

Handcrafted diaphragm ensures incredible performance

Featuring a pressure-gradient cardioid condenser microphone, the Baby Bottle SL employs an edge-terminated, single-membrane large diaphragm capsule. For this handcrafted diaphragm, Blue selected a 6-micron mylar film, sputtered with a mixture of pure gold and aluminum. Enclosed within a spherical grill, the side-address capsule can be positioned in the smallest of spaces.

Discrete components furnish crystal-clear sound

The Blue Baby Bottle SL's electronics are Class A discrete, with a transformerless output. There are no integrated circuits in its signal path. In plain English, this means that the sound that arrives at the diaphragm is transduced (converted to electrical energy) as accurately as possible, with minimal coloration.

Imbue your recordings with vintage warmth and clarity

The Baby Bottle SL's overall sonic character is neutral and especially rich in midrange response. This makes it an ideal microphone for recording vocals, drums, electric guitar and most acoustic instruments, including "difficult" sources like saxophones, flutes, and stringed instruments. In addition, the Baby Bottle has extremely low self-noise specs, coupled with an exceptionally high output level.

Highpass filter and -20dB pad offer amazing versatility

Air conditioner rumble, low-frequency vibrations, and wind noise are detrimental to your recordings. The Blue Baby Bottle SL's highpass filter takes care of these issues, resulting in clean-sounding tracks. And if you're recording a loud source like a drum or guitar cabinet, switch on the -20dB pad and enjoy a clear, distortion-free recording. At Sweetwater, we've found that the Baby Bottle SL is versatile enough to capture anything with excellent results. It's a true workhorse.

What's it for?

  • Vocals: Vocalists LOVE singing into unique and impressive microphones like the Baby Bottle SL! Put it in front of any singer and you're guaranteed an inspirational performance.
  • Electric Guitar: Because of its full midrange response, the Baby Bottle SL is an excellent mic for clean or distorted amps. Orient the capsule toward the center of the speaker to capture more highs, or toward the edge of the cone for a fuller sound.
  • Acoustic Guitar: Large-diaphragm mics require careful placement when used on acoustic guitar, but the Baby Bottle SL's rich tone and hot output are well-suited to the job.
  • Strings: Because of its high output, natural highs, and abundant mids, the Baby Bottle SL is an excellent choice for miking all members of the bowed string family.
  • Drums: The Baby Bottle SL's slim profile and fast transient response offer numerous advantages when recording drums.
  • Saxophones, Flutes, and Reeds: The smooth, natural high-end response of the Baby Bottle SL makes it an ideal choice for miking saxophones and other wind instruments.

Blue Baby Bottle SL Large-diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone Features:

  • Large-diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone with classic sonic signature
  • Up-front sound with richly present midrange, smooth top end, and neutral bottom
  • Hand-tuned diaphragm ensures incredibly accurate and transparent sound
  • High output and detailed frequency response captures delicate sources beautifully
  • Highpass filter reduces mud and rumble and -20dB pad tackles loud sources
  • Includes shockmount and protective wood box


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