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Floyd Rose Headphones FR18BK Black

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Floyd Rose Headphones FR18BK Black

 Who is Floyd Rose?  Floyd Rose is a recording engineer with incredible ears. Back in the 1970's he invented the tremolo bar for guitars to stay in tune and they were made famous by Eddie Van Halen.  This headphones carry his name for no reason. 

Floyd Rose FR-18 Wood headphones are hand-crafted and deliver world-class sound combined with state-of-the-art high fidelity technology. The sound quality its amazing and a very with beautiful design. Capable to deliver a very true balanced highs and lows for extreme audiophile sound, this combination delivers flawless sound clarity and comfort for an amazing sound experience in audio. A 50mm driver diameter and full 20-20K Hz frequency range give a beautifully warm and articulate recreation of sound. Anti-tangle detachable fabric cable with built-in microphone and volume control included to use with your smartphone, tablet or other device. Cushioned ear cups offer superior comfort by contouring around the shape of your ear, delivering isolation from outside noise without adding unwanted frequencies or sounds. Just like a guitar or other wood grain product is unique and makes each pair of Floyd Rose FR-18 Headphones a work of art.

A fine pair of audiophile headphones deserves an unparalleled presentation. Each pair of Floyd Rose FR-18 headphones is packaged in a wood grain box that custom fits the headphones for maximum protection and ultimate style. Experience the new sound of a floyd Rose and enjoy a true concert sound enviroment.

If you never heard this headphones and are concern if you like them or not, Elizondo Music will guarantee, quality, sound and design and if you are not happy with them you can return them withing 30 days after original purchased date. NO QUESTIONS ASKED?  We will even pay for the return shipping. This headphones will blow your mind. 

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