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Manley CORE Reference Channel Strip

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Manley CORE Reference Channel Strip

Flexible without being intimidating, the CORE’s strength flows from its Class A high-voltage tube micpre and ELOP Compressor, into its sweepable mid EQ with high and low shelves, and is focused by a fast brick-wall FET limiter. Drill to the CORE!

Tube mic/line preamp, hefty transformer, three bands of highly musical-sounding EQ, optical compressor, ultra-fast FET limiter, and switched-mode power supply, the Manley CORE Reference Channel delivers heavenly sound with massive headroom and vanishingly low noise in any recording scenario. Hand-crafted in California


  • Tube mic preamp with 48V phantom power; DI input
  • Renowned hand-wound Manley IRON transformers
  • Three bands of highly musical-sounding EQ
  • Optical compressor, fast FET limiter
  • Hand-crafted in California
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