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Mogami Platinum Guitar 20' Neutrik Silent Plug

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Super premium cable, straight ends. Includes Neutrik “Silent Plug” for noise-free plug and unplug.  Made with Mogami 3302 cable

The beautiful tones of an acoustic guitar, or any instrument, should never be altered. That's why Mogami Platinum Guitar/Instrument cable is designed to be 100% transparent. This large diameter instrument cable is ultra rugged and surprisingly flexible. From the first strum of your acoustic, you'll be astonished by the accuracy and absolutely drop-dead silent background.

Platinum Guitar 20 ft

  • Neutrik ® Silent Plug allows hot-swapping guitars without the earsplitting pop
  • Ultra High Density 100% coverage Copper Spiral Shield for silent background.
  • Low Loss Cellular Polyethylene Insulation
  • Conductive PVC eliminates handling noise
  • Oxygen Free Copper Core
  • Lifetime warranty

Applicable Equipment

electric guitar application bass guitar application acoustic guitar application keyboard application
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