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Shure PGASTUDIOKIT4 Studio Microphone Kit

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UPC     0424063967883

PGASTUDIOKIT4 Studio Microphone Kit

The PGASTUDIOKIT4 features a drum microphone plus three multipurpose instrument and vocal microphones, making it an exceptionally versatile studio recording kit.

UPC     0424063967883

The PGASTUDIOKIT4 Studio Microphone Kit is a versatile package of professional quality microphones assembled to provide excellent sound for the recording and performance of amplified and acoustic instruments. The microphones selected for the PGASTUDIOKIT4 provide a wide variety of flexible solutions for most recording opportunities.

1 - PGA52 Cardioid Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone
1 - PGA57 Cardioid Dynamic Instrument Microphones
2 - PGA181 Side-Address Cardioid Condenser Microphone
1 - A25D Break-resistant Microphone Clip
2 - WA371 Break-resistant Microphone Clip
4 - XLR-XLR cables 4.6m
1 - Zippered carrying case

UPC     0424063967883
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UPC 0424063967883
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