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Ultimate Ears Personal Reference Monitors Custom In Ears

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Personal Reference Monitors
Ultimate Ears Personal Reference Monitors Custom In Ears

The ultimate custom in-ear monitor
For over 17 years UE has been crafting the world’s finest custom in-ear monitors for discerning music listeners and industry pros. Traditionally, the “custom” in “custom in-ear monitors” refers to personally molded shells that fit you and only you. However, with the UE Personal Reference Monitors we’re taking customization to a whole new level.

As the world’s first personally tuned custom in-ear monitor, the UE Personal Reference Monitors are as much an accomplishment as they are a milestone; they represent the culmination of years of experience and know-how. Engineered to fit, look and sound exactly like you want them to, the UE Personal Reference Monitors were created to deliver an experience as personal as your passion for music.

Premium Customer Service
We are dedicated to providing an unparalleled experience for our customers from start to finish. A dedicated personal service specialist will be assigned to your order to guide you through the process of fitting, designing and tuning your UE Personal Reference Monitors. To get started, please contact one of our trained specialists at (800) 589-6531.

Perfect Fit. Exclusive Finish.
The custom-fit shells are faced in your choice of four handsome, fine wood veneers---Cherry, Walnut Burl, Carpathian Elm Burl or Purple heart--a finish exclusive to the UE Personal Reference Monitors. And the detachable, low-profile, low-distortion cable eliminates burdensome Y joint connectors and is tightly braided to reduce friction, unraveling and tangling.
Sound as individual as your fingerprints
Welcome to the next frontier in custom earphones-custom sound. To create your custom sound, you start by simply listening to music you know and love and “dialing in” your preferences on our Personal Reference Tuning Box-just like you would do on an equalizer or a professional mixing board. You can dictate your personal sound signature based on your tastes, your needs or to compensate for hearing loss at specific frequencies. We then use the frequency curve you’ve created to custom tune your earphones to your precise acoustic specifications, for sound that’s as personal as your fingerprints.

Unsurpassed Technology
We didn’t just pioneer armature earphone technology. We’ve refined and perfected it. Inside the UE Personal Reference Monitors you’ll find the fruits of our obsession. A proprietary five-armature design. A three-way crossover circuit with fully independent frequency bands. Triple bore sound channels. And of course, the sound that made UE famous-clear vocals and instruments in the mid range, defined high notes along with a rich, powerful low end for a purer and truer sound experience.
Broad Compatibility
Like our other Custom In-Ear Monitors, UE Personal Reference Monitors are compatible with wireless transmission systems and portable media devices.

Our Ultimate Ears Personal Reference Monitors provide -26 dB of isolation and passive noise cancellation.

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