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H. Jimenez El Patron Bajo Quinto - LBQ4ETB


El Patrón – LBQ4ETB Bajo Quinto

The three H. Jimenez white pearloid micas on the trans blue top give this bajo quinto a rich vibrant look. The back and sides are stained blue as well, the solid headstock is highlighted by individual sealed machine heads and like all H. Jimenez bajos it has the signature “Thunderwing”™ bridge. Fishman pickup with volume control, rope style edges, padded gig bag and limited lifetime warranty.

The H. Jimenez bajo quintos in the Colección Palomazo are equipped with an active Fishman Rare Earth pickup utilizing cutting-edge neodymium magnets, for a warmer more natural acoustic tone providing increased musicality.

The sleek design incorporates a low profile volume control and a soundhole mounting system wired directly to an end pin mounted strap button input. The preamp allows up to 240 hours between battery changes.

  • Brands and Manufacturer: H. Jimenez
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